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Since 2003, the trained pest professionals at Classic Pest Control Operators, Inc. have offered effective mosquito control in Fort Worth, TX, delivering scientifically-based pest treatments. However, we understand that mosquitoes aren’t the only blood-seeking insects that can prevent homeowners from being comfortable either in or outdoors. That’s why also specialize in bed bug control. Trust our skilled team members to eradicate bed bugs quickly to ensure you’re capable of sleeping soundly at night.


Carpets, tile, floor rugs and even joints between wood flooring can become a home for fleas. We have the expertise to eliminate fleas and ticks from your home or business. Pre-adult fleas can make up as much as 99% of a flea population. It is important to control not just the adult fleas, but all four stages of a flea infestation. Classic Pest Control Operators, Inc. uses high-quality products that impact fleas and ticks in all stages. We apply growth regulators to keep pre-adult fleas from maturing and breeding.  Treating is a simple process but it requires the customer’s help in a few areas before service:

  1. Pets must be treated for fleas and kept away during treatment (many customers take their pets to be dipped during the time they need to leave the structure)
  2. Infested areas must be cleared (even under beds)
  3. Vacuum all rugs and mop all floors – seal and dispose of the vacuum bag outside – this is a very important step
  4. Prepare to leave after the structure is treated for 2-4 hours

After the service is completed these instructions should be followed:

  1. Limit traffic over treated areas for 24 hours
  2. Give the insecticide time to work - it is common to see fleas up to 3 weeks after service as pupae emerge from their protective cocoons
  3. Vacuum daily to stimulate the emergence of the pupae so they become exposed to the insecticide. The vacuum noise and vibration will stimulate the pupae to emerge.
  4. Fleas exposed to the insecticide may still bite while the product is affecting them. So, biting fleas does not always mean the treatment needs to be re-done.


We serve local communities by educating families about the dangers of mosquitoes and the diseases they can carry. A vital aspect of proper mosquito control is making sure that they don't have a place to put their eggs. That’s why it’s essential to remove pools of standing water around your property. Empty pooled water from buckets, gutters, plastic covers, the toys, and any other containers.

Also, you can treat your ponds and bird baths with larvicide or BTI. This bacterium targets mosquitoes in their larval stage but is harmless to the useful insects, wildlife, humans, pets, or livestock. To keep your home secure from mosquito infestations, cover all gaps in walls, doors, and windows to prevent them from entering. When you need an effective mosquito control program, call on our experienced exterminators to help keep these problem pests at bay.

Mosquito Life Cycle

mosquito life cycle

Your structure and yard · Get rid of standing water in rain gutters, old tires, buckets, plastic covers, toys or any other container where mosquitoes can breed. · Empty and change the water in bird baths, fountains, wading pools, rain barrels and potted plant trays at least twice a week to eliminate potential mosquito habitats. · Drain temporary pools of water or fill with dirt. · Keep swimming pool water treated and circulating. · Treating your yard, ponds, bird baths, puddles and high moisture areas with a larvicide. Bti is a bacteria that specifically targets mosquitoes in their larval stage but is harmless to beneficial insects, wildlife, humans, pets or livestock. · Fogging your yard, trees, and shrubs with an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) alone or with an insecticide.

Structural Barriers · Cover all gaps in walls, doors, and windows to prevent mosquitoes from entering. · Make sure window and door screens are "bug tight." · Completely cover baby beds with netting.

We offer at Larvicide Service & a Fogging Service


We provide a bed bug service that works quickly and effectively so you can be assured knowing your bedbug problem has been solved. Our bed bugs specialists work using our proven methods. We provide you with written instructions for what to do before the service and what to expect afterward. After your initial bed bug treatment, you will receive a 2 week follow-up at no additional charge. Since most people don’t know where their bed bugs came from, we do offer a monthly maintenance program. (Initial service starts at $325.00 plus tax and monthly maintenance starts at $65.00 plus tax)

Bedbugs are not invisible. An adult bed bug is about 3/16-inch long, oval, flat and rusty-red or mahogany in color. The bed bug is flat and thin when unfed but becomes more elongated, plump and red when it is full of blood. As the female bed bug lays her eggs (i.e., one to five per day and 200 – 500 within her lifetime); she uses a clear substance to attach them in the cracks and on rough surfaces. These are much more difficult to see. Under ideal conditions, eggs hatch in about seven days and the nymphs molt five times, taking a blood meal between each molt.

Development time from egg to adult is 21 days. The adult can live for almost one year.

It leaves these harborage areas at night to feed on its host which include humans, birds, hogs and family pets. The blood meal requires 3 to 10 minutes and usually goes unnoticed by the victim. After feeding, the bite-site might become inflamed and cause itching for sensitive people, but not everyone will show a reaction. Over time, the harborage areas become filled with the molted skins, feces and old eggshells of the resident bed bugs.

These areas have a characteristic "stink bug" smell caused by the secretion emitted by the bed bug.

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